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Project Brief

Tekskilled is a digital platform that is designed to provide SAP courses. It provides a flexible and convinent way for learners to access educational resources, study materials and interact with instructors and other learners from anywhere in the world at their own pace.

The website should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for learners to navigate and find the courses they need. It should have a search bar that allows users to search for specific courses or topics of interest.

The website should have a course catalogue that displays detailed information about each course. The website should offer a range of payment options for learners to purchase courses. It should also have a support team that can assist users with any technical issues, payment enquires, or other concerns.

Logo Design

Color Pallete

The company can stand out from its competitors by using a carefully chosen color palette. In order to establish a strong visual character and increase brand recognition, the color scheme of an educational website should be uniform across all of its features.

We chose red color in our palette to represent determination, passion and desire to learn. Shades of yellow is also used in designing the logo to represent creativity and white for simplicity.

Users can explore and understand the content of the website more quickly by using the color scheme to generate contrast and hierarchy. The website's ability to establish a visual hierarchy that directs the user's focus is made possible by using various colors for headings, links, and other elements.


My Approach

We'll employ a comprehensive, sequential approach to designing this website.

First, a plan for the website was made using the client's detailed requests. The color combination of red, yellow, and white has been chosen to represent a desire to learn, enthusiasm, and creativity. Finalizing a website's layout while taking the navigational aspect into consideration is what our third step of the process entails. For a seamless learning process, we have also introduced a course catalogue and payment options. In order for customers to get in touch with the business if they had any questions or wanted to share their feedback and experiences, we decided to include it in the fourth step.

In the final phase, the Quality Assurance Team will evaluate the performance and dependability of the website using its various tools. We will assess the results of each test and then wait for the client's final permission before making the website available to the general public.

The Solution

The Tekskilled website is thoughtfully designed, taking into account the requirements of the user as well as the message of the brand, to be both functionally effective and aesthetically appealing.

The needs and preferences of the customers were originally taken into consideration when designing the website's layout. The use of a professional color scheme and typeface was intended to make it easy for learners to access educational classes, study materials, and other content on the website.

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