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Project Brief

Mistique Events by Akriti Loyalka is a digital platform that is designed to promote, organize and manage events. The services they provide include destination weddings, decorations, event planning, photography, catering and more.

The website design should be visually appealing. The website should integrate with social media platforms to allow attendees to share event information and promote events to a wider audience. It should be easy to navigate and should be optimized for different devices. The website should provide excellent customer support, a feedback mechanism, and contact information.

The website should be designed to provide an enjoyable user experience for event organizers and attendees

Logo Design

Color Pallete

A carefully chosen color palette can help the company stand out from its rivals. To establish a strong visual identity and increase brand recognition, the color scheme of an event management website should be uniform throughout all of its functions.

We chose grey color as a background to represent simplicity, freshness and modern approach. Shades of mustard is also added to palette as it represents creativity and diversity. To represent purity and simplicity, we chose white color for our typography.

Users may explore and understand the content of the website more quickly by using the color scheme to generate contrast and hierarchy. The website's ability to establish a visual hierarchy that guides the user's attention is made possible by employing various colors for headings, links, and other elements.
#Luxury #Elegant #Clean #Lively


My Approach

To design this website, we'll take a thorough, step-by-step strategy.

First, the client's comprehensive requests were used to create a roadmap for the website. The grey, white and mustard color scheme has been selected to help symbolise purity, creativity, diversity and modern approach. The third stage of our process entails finalizing a website's layout while taking the navigational aspect into account. For the fourth stage, we chose to include the company's contact information so that customers could get in touch with them if they had any questions or wanted to share their feedback and experiences.

The Quality Assurance Team will use its various tools in the final stage to test the website's dependability and performance. After evaluating the outcomes of each test, we'll wait for the client's ultimate approval before launching the website in the public domain.

The Solution

With careful consideration and thorough research, Shivangi Yadav's website is created to be both functionally effective and aesthetically appealing, bearing in mind both the needs of the user and the brand's message.

The layout of the website was initially created with the needs and preferences of the customers in mind. The purpose of the colour scheme and typography used was to keep the website's layout simple with modern approach and to create a successful and sustainable online presence in the event management industry.

Working with clients who have distinctive approaches and important objectives gives Starvik Studio a great deal of satisfaction. Our team develops and activates identities using cultural insights, imaginative minds, strategic visions, and emotions.