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Project Brief

Grihashastra is an innovative architectural and interior design company dedicated to transform places into engaging, functional, and aesthetically beautiful surroundings. They intend to develop an online presence as a key player in the business by creating a visually appealing website that highlights their experience, services, and achievements. The website will act as a digital platform to promote their architectural and interior designing services and allow them to connect with a wider audience.

To visually communicate Grihashastra's creative vision of blending Vaastu principles with architecture, an engaging branding strategy should be established. The website should be carefully created, with a modern and attractive layout that complements the brand's image. The website should be optimized for all platforms to ensure a consistent user experience on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

The strong branding identity and user-friendly website will demonstrate their passion for design and develop long-term relationships with clients, positioning Grihashastra as a market leader.

Logo Design

Color Pallete

A well-crafted color palette can help the brand to stand out from the competition. As a architectural and interior designing company, website's color scheme should be consistent throughout all of its features to establish a strong visual identity and improve brand identification.

To visually communicate the essence of purity, creativity, diversity, and modernity inherent in architectural design, we have thoughtfully chosen a color scheme of black, Grey and white This deliberate selection reflects our commitment to encapsulating the client's brand identity and message effectively.

Users can explore and comprehend the website's content more easily by using the color palette to establish contrast and hierarchy. The website is able to establish a visual hierarchy that directs the user's attention by using various colors for headings, links, and other elements.


My Approach

At Grihashastra, our approach to designing architectural websites is followed through a step-by-step strategy, ensuring a seamless and captivating digital platform for our clients. We begin by comprehensively understanding the client's vision, goals, and specific requirements. By closely listening to their ideas and preferences, we create a detailed roadmap to guide the entire website design process.

To visually communicate the essence of purity, creativity, diversity, and modernity inherent in architectural design, we have thoughtfully chosen a color scheme of black, grey, and white. In the third stage, we focus on finalizing the website's layout, ensuring seamless navigation for visitors, and allowing them to explore architectural projects and services with ease. The fourth stage involves subjecting the website to rigorous testing by our Quality Assurance Team. Various tools are employed to assess the website's dependability, performance, and compatibility across devices and browsers. After analyzing the test outcomes and fine-tuning the website, we seek the client's ultimate approval. Only after receiving their green light, we launch the website on the public domain.

The Solution

The website is designed to be functionally effective, with seamless navigation and easy access to key information, with a strong emphasis on simplicity and modernism. The layout of Grihashastra's website was thoroughly built with the consumers' wants and preferences in mind. The color scheme and font were purposefully chosen to create a simple yet modern appearance. This strategy serves two purposes: it ensures an engaging user experience while also establishing a robust and long-lasting online presence in the architectural and interior design business.

Starvik Studio takes great delight in working with clients like Grihashastra, who have a unique vision. We have brought Grihashastra's unique brand identity to life by merging cultural insights, imaginative minds, strategic visions, and emotions, setting them apart in their sector.